We would like to express gratitude and thank all of you, our clients, for your support during this unprecedented time. If it wasn’t for your honesty involving your activities outside of the clinic we might have had to close the clinic again as COVID numbers rise. The majority of our clients, many of them high risk, express on a weekly basis how appreciative they are of the steps we have taken as a clinic. Our precautions have allowed even our highest risk clients to return to the clinic for the care they need.

As our states COVID numbers continue to increase, along with the percentage of positive tests, we felt it was important to touch base on our updated precautions as we are asking a few extra things from you, our client.

The more information you share with us the better. Please be completely honest with us on where you have been (bars, restaurants, rallies, sporting events, etc) and who you have been in contact with (college students, family, friends, etc). We ask that you call or email us at least one day before your appointment and let us know about any situations that may have increased your exposure to COVID. We are assessing each situation individually and will ask questions to determine if an in-person session is appropriate at this time.

Before scheduling or coming in for an appointment ask yourself the following questions. If you answered YES to any of them call us immediately to discuss further.
1. Have I felt ill or been in contact with someone who has been ill in the last 14 days?
2. Have I found out that someone I’ve been in contact with was diagnosed with COVID-19?
3. Have I traveled in or outside of the state in the last 14 days?
4. Have I been to a business or gathering with more than 10 people besides normal errands (grocery store, drug store, etc) in the last 14 days?

After talking to you further your therapist will decide if an in-person session is appropriate at this time. If not, we are still able to schedule you for a telehealth session.

When you arrive at the clinic we are asking each client to follow our clinic precautions:
1. Wash hands before entering the clinic.
2. Wear a mask. If you don’t have a mask the clinic will provide one.
3. Remain in the hallway until your therapist opens the clinic door and is ready for your session to start. If the door is closed wait in the hallway as we are still sanitizing the clinic for your safety.

We have been asked many different questions during this time as people are curious and concerned about the future. Take a moment to look at some of the most common questions along with our answers in our COVID FAQ document.

As always, we are scheduling our appointments to allow for thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces in the waiting area and treatment room between each client, as well as washing our hands immediately before and after all sessions.

Thank you for your continued patience and honesty during this time. Keeping us up-to-date on your activities and exposure will help us keep our clinic doors open so we can continue to provide care that helps our clients eliminate their chronic pain and live life.