Have you been affected or know someone that has been diagnosed with breast cancer? Unfortunately, the number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer continues to be on the rise. Myofascial release has been successful in treating breast cysts, scars after breast surgeries, and also minimizing the impact from chemotherapy and radiation. But, did you realize that myofascial release has helped many woman to eliminate or prevent breast cancer.

I would like to share my story with you:
Looking back about 9 years, when I was 35 years of age, a lump was found in my left breast. It was pea sized, hard, and my medical provider was very concerned. I had been receiving thermograms for many years and we scheduled a repeat thermogram that day. No specific changes were found so the next step was scheduling a mammogram and ultrasound.

I remember going down to my car and realizing the amount of fear that was coming into my awareness. My mind kept saying, “You have breast cancer.” Our minds are so powerful and many times a great hindrance. They create a space of fear that is hard to get out from under.

Fortunately, when I got home I took a step back in my mind and said to myself, “Do what you know.” So, over the weekend I treated my breast using the myofascial release techniques that I learned from John F. Barnes and have used with many of my clients. After a short period of time the hard, pea sized lump was smaller and by the time I went in for my mammogram it was completely gone. Over the years I have heard countless stories from women achieving the same results after receiving or performing myofascial release on their own breasts.

I encourage you to read Peggy Smith’s success story of how myofascial release treatments eliminated her recurrence of breast cancer.

By no means am I saying that we cure cancer, but I truly believe that utilizing myofascial release to treat fascial restrictions is an important piece in prevention. When our bodies are free from fascial restrictions it has fluidity and is mobile. Down at a cellular level the environment of the cells are hydrated and have ample space allowing appropriate intercellular communication and removal of metabolic wastes. The environment that our cells reside in is critical for their overall health and well being. When cancer is present the environment of the cells has changed.

Myofascial restrictions bind down on the body, creating a lack of mobility, as well as dehydration within the system and within the environment of the cells. Imagine how you would feel and function being bound down and not able to communicate with each other. Well, the cells don’t function optimally either and change can happen like cancer and other diseases.

Are you ready to be proactive about your breast health? Whether or not you have a family history of breast cancer the statistics are overwhelmingly on the rise. Lets come together and work on prevention. The first step is to become familiar with what is normal in your breasts and then learn how you too can eliminate fascial restrictions within your own breasts. Join us Wednesday, September 18th from 6:30pm-8pm for our 5th annual Girls Night Out Breast Seminar. Click here for information on this education evening.

Want to learn how to self-treat your breasts? Join us in our annual Ins & Outs for Happy Breasts Clinic being offered in October. Click here for information on the clinic. Can’t make those dates, then give us a call at Natural Balance Therapy (262-746-9090) and we would be happy to schedule an appointment with you to teach you self-care for your breasts.

Prevention is better than cure!