With neck pain being one of the most common problems that bring people into various medical offices, it is important to understand why it happens, how it can be remedied, and how it can be prevented in the future. Practicing in the medical field for over 20 years, I have extensive experience with neck pain. Together, let’s take a look at why you might be feeling the discomfort and what you can do about it. By taking an overall look, you might be surprised to find your pain isn’t actually stemming from your neck …

What? But, it’s “neck pain” right?

Below you will find how not just focusing on the immediate pain, but your healing as a whole will create longer, more sustainable results. At NBT not only do we believe in healing, we also believe in educating and supporting our clients in their healing efforts in and out of the clinic.

My neck isn’t the cause, what? Those knots and tension between the shoulder blades may only be the symptoms, but usually the contributing factors for the pain are coming from elsewhere. Find out more by reading Kristin’s article, “Upper Back Tension – It May Not be Where You Feel It.”

Ice or heat, which one do I use? Knowing when to use ice vs heat is very important when you are struggling with neck pain, especially if it is an acute episode. Check out our helpful hints so you know when to use ice or heat.

Amy’s favorite tip. It is critical that we hear and listen to our body’s signals before they turn into the body screaming at us (this is when the pain is spiked and takes longer to find relief). So, how can I listen to my body?

Step off the wheel. Is your busy life affecting your health? When we are rushing about and our stress is high we will definitely be in a state of tension, many carrying it in their upper back and neck. Check out these tips for “exiting the hamster wheel.”

Did you know stress and anxiety can increase neck pain? These moments cause many of us to go into a fight or flight response which shifts our breathing pattern to our upper chest. Check out this simple technique that can ease muscular tension and eliminate stress.

Addressing the cause. Just focusing on treating the symptoms will never give you long-term relief. Learn how to utilize a technique that will help you become aware of compensation patterns and where your body is chronically holding/bracing. Body scanning is one of our key foundational steps when learning self-care for any painful areas.

Isn’t it interesting that being unbalanced or strained in a single area can cause pain and discomfort in many areas? I hope you have found these tips helpful and useful in your own personal healing. The therapists at Natural Balance Therapy are here to listen and guide you on your journey of health and wellness so please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.