We all have busy lives, especially during certain times of the year. Being busy isn’t a bad thing. However, the way we go about our busy lives can affect our health by increasing tension and pain in our bodies.

At times, we become attached to completing our to-do list. We begin to live our life like it is an emergency, frantically running from activity to activity. As we become overwhelmed, our emotions run amok and we find our mind racing. Our bodies begin to hold-ever increasing tension, and eventually exhaustion and pain begin to set in. Stuck “running on the hamster wheel,” our focus turns towards surviving life rather than enjoying it. When was the last time you allowed yourself to experience Pure Joy? It could be time to slow down and step off the hamster wheel.

• Observe when you are on the wheel so you can make a choice to step off

• Listen to the subtle signals your body sends

• Notice your breath: learn diaphragmatic breathing to help you slow down

• Practice feeling your feet to stay grounded

• Take 5-10 minutes daily for Myofascial self-treatment and/or quieting your mind

• Do one thing that brings you joy each day

Myofascial Release helps release tension and restrictions created by “running on the hamster wheel,” but also helps you change the pattern of continually running. Are you ready to step off the wheel and let your MFR therapist help you find joy and peace?

Cindy Wysocki, LMT wrote our Running On The Hamster Wheel article while she worked at NBT.