Do you struggle with food choices while you are travelling? Planning a trip can take time and be a lot of fun. We get to choose our destination, plan how we’re going to get there, our activities and sites to see, where we will stay and of course, what to pack. Pre-planning can make the trip less stressful and more economical. How many of us, when we are mapping out our routes and looking ahead to weather forecasts, think about planning out snacks or meals for the drive? It can be very cost effective and often much healthier if we spend a little time thinking ahead and buying and/or making healthy snacks for the road. It can be challenging for some of us to walk past the chips, bakery items and sugary drinks to find the healthier options while stopped at rest stops or gas stations. Avoid those unwanted calories and enjoy some of these healthy goodies on your next journey.

Car travelling:
Flying is easy and quicker, but there is something great about packing up the car, blasting the radio, and heading out on the open road. Travelling by car makes it a lot easier to pack a variety of healthy snack options because you have the ability to carry a cooler and a small tote full of yummy treats. Check out these 39 Healthy Road Trip Snack Ideas from Eat Smart.

Plane or train travelling:
Travelling by air or rail can be exciting, but food options are limited. We can never be sure when or how the items were made and they can often be very expensive. With a little pre-planning and thought we have a lot of options for delicious snacks that are TSA approved. Fresh fruits like apples and bananas, veggies like carrots and celery are easy to pack and you can even find TSA-friendly portions (smaller than 3.4 ounces) of hummus or veggie dip. Homemade trail mix, granola bars and cheese sticks also travel well.

Pre-planning takes a bit of time, but once you get into the habit it is worth the effort because you know what you are eating and can save money. So, the next time you are creating your TO DO list with what you are packing make sure to add a column for SNACKS. It will only take a few minutes and prep can be easy. Make sure to add your healthy snacks in snack size baggies to give you appropriate portion sizes.

Never travel HANGRY again. All of these wholesome travel snack ideas are easy to pack and eat, and we hope they add a little something to your travel experience. Bon voyage!