For many of our clients, the clinic is a space that has a calming effect from the moment they walk in the door. In fact, we often hear from our clients that they can relax here more completely than anywhere else – and they’re not just talking about the effects of the hands-on treatments. What is it that produces this relaxation? And can you take that home with you?

When you look at the ‘bones’ of Natural Balance Therapy, the clinic is a basic, multi-room office suite. Without making major structural changes, small details have created the clinic’s atmosphere. These details can be reproduced, at least in part, to make a self-treatment space at home that resonates for you.

One thing to consider is what makes the clinic environment special and relaxing to you. This will differ from person to person. It could be the music that your therapist plays as a background for your session, or the colors of the treatment room, or the wall art, or the plants, or the lighting, or a combination of several factors. The first step to reproducing the effect of the space is to narrow down what it is that works for you. For example, the rooms of the clinic have been decorated with earthy, natural colors, variations of brown, green, and red, which form a warm, nurturing environment. The therapists usually choose unobtrusive, relaxing music, and live plants and muted lighting also enhance calm and groundedness. Next time you’re in the clinic, take a few moments to notice some of these details, paying attention to anything you would like to incorporate in your own space. If you have any questions, from music to decor, ask your therapist for more information.

Even a few small touches in whatever space you use for self-treatment can make that space more inviting. In fact, your space doesn’t need to be a space at all. For those living in close quarters, who cannot separate a room or part of one from its current use, setting out a particular rug or blanket may be sufficient to call up the positive associations. Some people wear a certain garment to indicate to themselves (and others) that they are entering their personal space.

The strongest factor in the clinic’s calming effect, though, is the intentions of the clinic staff to create a positive, nurturing, supportive environment for our clients. When creating a private space at home, holding that intention for yourself is vital – and often very challenging. Our commitment to our self-care is exactly that: a commitment. It involves setting boundaries around that time and space. It is a promise that we make to ourselves. By honoring that promise, we strengthen ourselves and are actually better able to support those around us.