As the weather warms up we want to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. But, many of us aren’t thinking about ticks as we breathe in the fresh air and participate in activities outside. It has been predicted to be an extremely heavy tick season this year. And with ticks, come the dangers of tick-borne disease, namely Lyme disease. So, our friends over at Serenity Health Care shared their ideas to help you limit your tick exposure when heading outdoors.


Tips to Limit Tick Exposure:
• Wear a hat/cover your heads when going outdoors
• Wear long sleeves
• Wear pants
• Wear boots (with long socks)
• Cover or tuck openings of clothes (tuck pants into boots, wear shirts that are tight around the wrists)
• Wear white (or light colored clothing), so that it’s easier to spot ticks
• Consider using repellent or cedar oil
• Perform tick checks after returning indoors (don’t be shy, remove clothes to check all areas of your body)
• Have someone search your hair (even if you wore a hat)

Here at NBT we see a large number of clients that have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Some are newly diagnosed, while some have had the disease for many years. Many of these clients are finding myofascial release and lymphatic drainage therapy helpful for relieving symptoms associated with both the disease and the treatments for it. Click here to read Kristin’s, our resident Lymphatic Drainage expert, article “Ticked Off: Lyme and Lymphatic Drainage”.

We want to thank Dr. Muth and her staff over at Serenity for their tips to help all of us limit our tick exposure. Here is more about their clinic:
Serenity Health Care Center is the Midwest’s Leading Functional Medical clinic, treating conditions and chronic illnesses ranging from Lyme Disease and Toxic Mold, to Hormone Imbalance and Hypothyroidism. Their Lyme Literate Practitioners, led by Dr. Debra Muth, ND & Dr. Greg Brown, MD, specialize in the testing and treating of Lyme Disease. Serenity Health Care Center evaluates you for symptoms and considers your entire health picture when making a diagnosis and creating a treatment plan. To schedule a consultation or to learn more information, call Serenity Health Care Center at (262) 522-8640 or visit