Body scanning is a very important tool to use when self treating. It allows us to become aware of the areas in our body that may be causing our symptoms or the compensation patterns. Traditional treatment has always had us treat the symptoms, but this has given us short-term results. When we can treat the cause of the symptoms we can change the chronic holding/bracing patterns and compensation patterns that have pulled our body out of alignment creating the pain patterns that we have been living with for years. All of us have the ability to become aware of these changes in our body and to treat them successfully and it starts with body scanning.

You can perform scanning while standing, sitting, or lying down. When you are learning to scan it is easier to perform while lying down on your back. As we scan we want to be aware of our symptoms, but more importantly we are looking for the following:
o Temperature changes – areas that feel hot or cold
o Misalignment – areas that feel compressed, shortened, rotated or shifted to the side
o Weight differences – areas that feel heavy or light
o Size differences – areas that feel thick or thin
o Color differences – areas that look dark or light
o Energy differences –  areas that feel vibratory, stagnant, etc.

To start your scan, take a moment to take a few deep breaths, quiet your mind and settle into your position. Bring your awareness to your feet and slowly scan your entire body making note of any differences from the list above. It is almost as if you are getting a visual picture of what our body position is while lying on the bed. Just make note of the differences and don’t try to change them.

Your scan will be individual to you and may be different every day. Take all of the pressure off of yourself to feel something. There isn’t a right or wrong way to perform a body scan, but the quieter that we are intellectually the more we will be able to observe. All of us will get it in our own way in our own time. At this time we are just observing the differences, almost as if you are getting a visual picture of what your body looks or feels like. As you practice the body scan you will start to realize and put into words what you are feeling, but this will take some time. Don’t worry if you can’t express what you are feeling. Your therapist will help you realize and express what you are feeling.

Body scanning develops over time and it is important for all of us to scan our bodies each day. Every time that we perform a body scan our awareness will get deeper and more specific. Remember, we don’t need to know why something is in the position that it is in it is just important to be aware of the differences.

As you continue to perform your body scan, let your therapist know what you are feeling/sensing and they will help you develop self-treatment ideas that will create long-term results. Just call the clinic and set-up an Inner Awareness appointment.

Do you want to be guided through the body scan? Let Linda guide you through a body scan and other mind/body techniques during an Inner Awareness session.

Happy body scanning!!