The 4” ball is a simple and inexpensive self-treatment tool. It is effective for lengthening the tissue and relieving pain, tightness, trigger points and muscle spasms. We have found that the 4” ball has great versatility and to be universally effective just about anywhere on the body. It can be re-inflated with air if firmer pressure is desired or deflated if less pressure is desired.

Over the years, all of our clients learn how to use the 4” ball with great success. So, we wanted to provide you with an instruction sheet to help you remember the steps to treating with success. Click here for full instruction sheet.

Everyone can benefit from using the 4″ ball. Check-in with your MFR therapist at NBT for guidance and if you have any questions about about its use.

Click here for our FB LIVE video reviewing the principles of using your 4″ ball so you can get the best results at home with your self-care techniques.