A high percentage of our clients come into the clinic for their first session with an imbalance in their pelvis. Many aren’t even aware that they have an imbalance and how it can be contributing to many of their symptoms including neck pain, headaches, back pain, hip/pelvic issues and lower extremity issues. Creating balance through the pelvis is critical when treating most conditions. Kristin, one of our expert myofascial release therapists, explains why a balanced pelvis is important. Click here for Kristin’s article.

While our therapists work to create pelvic balance for their clients it is imperative that each client perform pelvic balancing exercises at home in between sessions for the best results. Click here for the push-pull-squeeze technique.

Tips to get the best results:
* Know which way you are rotated. Ask your therapist whether you have a right or left anterior rotation so you know which exercises to perform.
* Don’t know which way you are rotated? Perform a combination by completing 5 reps of the right anterior rotation, 5 reps of the left anterior rotation, 5 reps of the right anterior rotation, ending with 5 reps of the adductor squeeze.
* Don’t use fast contractions. Slowly enter into the push-pull technique and slowly exit out of the technique.
* Be mindful – where to feel the contraction. When you push you should feel the same leg hamstring (back of the thigh) contracting. When you pull you should feel the same leg quad/hip flexor (front of thigh) contracting. When you squeeze you should feel your inner thighs contracting while keeping the glutes and abdominals quiet.
* You might feel/hear a pop. When performing the adductor squeeze you might feel or hear a pop/crunching sound around the pubic bone or groin region. This is the pubic bone shifting into alignment and normal.

As you start these exercises it is best to consult with your therapist to make sure you are doing the right exercises and performing the technique appropriately. Happy pelvic balancing with a little push-pull-squeeze.

Click here for a link to our FB LIVE video demonstrating one of the ways to stretch your hamstrings.