Believe it or not, we carry a lot of tension in our chest. And hunching over a computer, our tablets and phones doesn’t help, as it tightens muscles in the front of the body. Over time this can cause neck tension, headaches and back pain. This exercise is perfect after a long day at the office or when you feel your body slouching.

Here is how you perform the chest opener:
1. Lie with the pillow positioned along your spine while keeping your knees bent. Your shoulders should hang off of the pillow. NOTE: If your head extends backward, support it with a rolled towel.

2. Start by just allowing your body to soften onto the pillow. Imagine the tops of your feet and legs sinking towards the floor, then your abdomen and chest sinking towards your spine, and then your chin sinking towards the base of your skull. See how heavy you can become onto the pillow.

3. Continue to soften and open up your chest for a minimum of 3-5 minutes.

Click here for our FB LIVE demonstration of this technique.

*Ask your therapist how you can advance this stretch*