Dry brushing should be performed before you shower.

1. Use a natural-bristle brush (usually boar bristles) – not too firm and not too soft. A firmer brush will be more exfoliative, while a softer brush is easier to use over more sensitive areas. A loofah washcloth can also be used.

2. Start at the feet and work your way up the legs. Use gentle vertical strokes, always working towards the collarbones. Continue with as much of the buttocks and back as you are able to comfortably reach, then brush the abdomen and lower ribs, still directing the strokes towards the collarbones. Then switch to the arms, starting from the hands and working up towards the shoulders, stroking in towards the middle of the armpit. Finish with the shoulders and upper ribs, stroking to the center of the collarbones and the breastbone. Unless you are using a soft brush, do not brush the breast tissue, but be sure to address the rib cage all around the breasts.

3. Shower afterwards, using gentle soap and not-too-hot water.

4. Repeat daily, especially during the winter months.

Note: this should not be painful. If it is, decrease your pressure. Do not scrub back-and-forth or use circular motions. Avoid sensitive areas, as well as open cuts, sores, or patches of eczema or psoriasis.

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