Many of our clients struggle with hip and back related symptoms. Some have pain with activities and others notice tightness. There can be many causes to these symptoms, but whatever the cause most people have tightness in the hip rotators. This figure 4 stretch is a great exercise to open up and release the back of the hip. Click here for a detailed description of the technique.

Some important tips:

* Slowly enter in and out of the stretch
* Move slowly through the steps and making sure to STOP when you feel a slight change or stretch. This is where your restriction is. Take a moment to breathe into the stretch and wait until you feel the intensity of the stretch lighten, that is when the body released the restriction. Now you can again move slowly until you feel the next restriction and continue to repeat the same process.
* NEVER force. You should only feel a light to medium stretch.
* During any myofascial self-treatment technique you should feel the intensity increase when you find a restriction, then decrease when it releases, then increase when you find a restriction, and then decrease when it releases. The intensity should go up and down. If the intensity is more of a constant then you have pushed too far into the stretch and need to start over and lessen the intensity. When opening up the fascial system less is more.
* It should ALWAYS feel GOOD.

Click here for our FB LIVE video showing two hip opener techniques.

Enjoy this great hip stretch.