The Franklin Mini-Roll (blue nugget) is a very effective self-treatment tool and one of our favorites. It is a great tool to use along your spine, but in the mid-back your body tends to arch over it rather than sinking onto it. By supporting your legs on a chair and using an additional tool (nerf football or 6″ ball) under your sacrum it will help keep you aligned so that gravity encourages a deeper and more effective release.



• Lie on the floor with a chair facing you, place the Franklin Mini-Roll in the mid- back (from the lower ribs up to the shoulders), with the bones of the vertebrae resting in the indentation of Franklin.

• Place your feet and lower legs on the seat of the chair, then lift your buttocks and place a foam football (horizontally) or 6” therapy ball underneath your sacrum. Your hips and sacrum should be elevated a little higher than the Franklin Mini-Roll.

• If you need to, place a small folded towel or pillowcase under your head in order to maintain a neutral neck position.

• Breathe slowly, then gently let your shins, thighs, abdomen, ribs, sternum, and chest, sink towards the floor, allowing your body weight to soften into the Franklin.

• Soften for three to five minutes. As your lumbar spine releases, you may wish to adjust the position of the football a little lower under your sacrum to maintain the sense of lengthening between the Franklin and the football.