Have you ever gotten up from a chair and noticed knee, hip or back pain? Do you lack strength that allows you to get up out of a chair with ease? Well, you aren’t alone and this is a common complaint for our clients. Over the years I’ve taught clients a more effective way to get out of chair with more ease and it can build strength.

We, as therapists, watch how our clients move, including getting up and out of chairs. Many times clients have learned new patterns because they compensated due to pain or an injury, but don’t realize that their muscles are working effectively. This is a simple task that is done frequently throughout the day when we are getting up our of a chair and off the toilet. Lets bring you back to the basics to learn a safe and effective way to transfer up and out of a seated position.

Click here to learn the proper way to transfer.
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This way of getting up is easier on your spine, hips and knees and much less likely to pain or injury. Check in with your therapist at your next appointment and they will help you master this gentle technique. Your body will thank you.