Have you ever gotten out of bed and noticed that your back is stiff? Do you struggle to stand up straight in the morning? Well, you aren’t alone and this is a common complaint for our clients. Over the years I’ve had clients injure their back putting on their socks, bending to pick-up a pencil off of the ground, and just getting out of bed in the morning. Sometimes the simplest of tasks, done without thought and awareness, can lead to injury and severe pain.

We, as therapists, watch how our clients move, including getting on and off of the treatment table. One of the worst ways we can rise from lying on our backs is to rapidly hinge at the hips, activating our core and springing to a seated position. I’ve also seen people twist and latch their foot onto the side of a bed to pull themselves up. Do either of these sound familiar to you? Both of these common transferring patterns can cause a back injury or flare-up of existing symptoms.

There are certain times throughout the day that our bodies may be more prone to injuring our backs, including first thing in the morning, after being static for any length of time, and with prolonged activity when our body is fatigued. Being aware of how we transfer between positions is important and can prevent injury and pain. What is a better way to get out of bed that won’t cause back pain? Click here to learn the proper way to transfer.
Click here for our FB LIVE video demonstrating this technique.

This way of getting up is gentle on your spine and much less likely to reproduce back pain or injury. Proper transferring is important first thing in the morning, but also any time you have to get up from a lying position. Check in with your therapist at your next appointment and they will help you master this gentle technique. Your back will thank you.