Whether it is a cold in the winter or allergies in the spring and fall, nasal congestion and sinus pressure/pain are common complaints among our clients. Some people are more prone to sinus related issues due to having narrowed sinus passages or deviated septums. Whatever the cause may be it is important to keep the sinus pathways open so they have the ability to drain properly.

Are you ready to try and find relief at home? Check out this simple, but effective technique to treat the nasal and ethmoid bones, relieving headaches and sinus pressure. Click here for article.

If you have been struggling with sinus pressure or nasal congestion, myofascial and craniosacral therapy could be just what you need to help open those sinus pathways. Check out our “Feeling the Pressure” written by Kristin Schwengel, LMT, one of our Expert Level Myofascial Release therapists. Click here for the article.

Click here for our FB LIVE video showing this technique and other head/sinus self-care ideas.