This year’s cold and flu season has been a rough one all around (and may not have even peaked yet) – it seems that everyone’s either been sick or knows someone who is. Other than hibernating until spring, how can you help keep yourself as healthy as possible?

While there are many ways to support your immune system, from diet and exercise to supplements and preventive medications, give a thought to your lymphatic system. The lymphatics are a key component of your body’s immune function, and there are specific stretches and movements that help move your lymph through your body.

One movement that Kristin teaches in her Lymph Flow Exercise class is ‘Cross-Country Arms’. This movement helps ‘pump’ the lymph from the arms through the axillary nodes and stimulates movement through the ribcage and sternal nodes.

Cross Country Arms Technique: Click here for our FB LIVE video demonstrating this technique and one other lymph flow exercise.

  • Stand comfortably, with feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • Begin to gently swing your arms back and forth, as though you were cross-country skiing. It’s not necessary to raise your arms very high in front, nor to reach far behind you. The movement itself is the important part.
  • Keep your chest upright and neutral, without leaning forward or twisting.
  • Gently swing back and forth for a minute or two, feeling loose and relaxed.

That’s it!

This combination of stretch and movement helps open up and stimulate movement in your lymphatic system, giving a boost to your body’s natural ‘vacuum cleaner’. A little goes a long way – just a few minutes of targeted stretches and exercises, such as those in our Lymph Flow class, can boost your energy and support your immune system.

Want to learn more exercises to boost your immune system this cold and flu season? Sign-up for one of Kristin’s upcoming Lymph Flow Exercise class, offered twice in March.