Now more than ever, we understand that getting the care you need as safely as possible is important for you. That’s why we are continuing to offer our Telehealth sessions where you will be able to work with Amy to get the guidance and tools you need to continue to move forward in your healing. These sessions are available on Mondays and Thursdays.

Telehealth sessions aren’t a replacement for every therapy session, but can be used during these times of uncertainty. We will empower you by giving you the knowledge to address your pain in the comforts of your own home.

Would you benefit from a telehealth session? If you answer yes to any of these questions you would benefit.
• Have you been stuck at home and finding it difficult to venture out?
• Have you had to cancel an existing appointment because you are in quarantine?
• Have you found it difficult to find time to drive to the clinic for an appointment?
• Have you been wanting to learn more about self-care and what you can do at home?
• Do you feel safer staying in your home?

No matter how we deliver care, our team is here to listen to you and understand your health needs in order to develop a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you.

How does a Telehealth session work?
• The therapist will start by listening to you and asking questions to obtain more information.
• The therapist will then ask you to perform certain movements to assess your mobility and observe how your body is being impacted by the symptoms.
• After assessing you, the therapist will take some time to educate you on their findings and make appropriate recommendations for you.
• Most importantly, the therapist will then thoroughly guide you through specific exercises that will help manage and eliminate your pain while in the comforts of your home.
• Each session will be recorded and emailed to you. That way, your therapists can guide you through your exercises any time you need them.

What technology do I need for my Telehealth session?
You can use any computer, IPAD or even your smartphone. Once you schedule your Telehealth session the clinic will email you a link one to two days before your appointment. Just click on the link provided in your email and you will be connected over a secure video connection. If you have never used Zoom before we are happy to set-up a free tech session where we can make sure you get connected and are ready for your real session. Just give us a call (262-746-9090) to set-up a time prior to your scheduled Telehealth session.

You don’t have to put your therapy on hold during these times. Keep your healing moving forward from the comforts of your home so you can return to an active, pain-free life. Simply call (262-746-9090) or email ( to schedule your Telehealth session today.