As we come upon the season change many of us feel sluggish or have weakened immunity. Transitions between seasons can be challenging for many especially if our lymphatic system is compromised. If it is functioning properly we have a strong defense against illness and feel generally healthy. NBT’s lymphatic drainage therapy can strengthen your immune system and help you feel more balanced and energetic as your body adjusts to the new season.

The lymphatic system is a major component of our immune system, filtering toxins, wastes, and cellular debris from every cell of our body. Surgery, injury, or illness can temporarily overwhelm the processing of the lymph system, leading to swelling, chronic inflammation, and fatigue. To ensure proper removal of waste products our lymph must flow freely. Breathing and skeletal muscle movements help to move the lymph fluid and transport it to important filtration points known as lymph nodes. It is here, within our lymph nodes, that harmful pathogens or toxins are destroyed by lymphocytes.

Some important signs that our lymph vessels have become congested and may not be removing wastes properly include:
* Fatigue
* Bloating
* Brain fog
* Stiffness, especially in the morning
* Water retention
* Dry and itchy skin
* Weight gain
* Swollen glands
* Cold hands and feet

At this busy time of year, we often feel run down and our bodies can be more vulnerable. Lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT) can help strengthen the immune system and may improve energy levels. LDT is a gentle, repetitive therapy that increases the volume of lymphatic fluid moving through the system, removing excess wastes which reduces pressure and encourages healing. Kristin, our lymphatic therapist, also recommends the following to encourage lymphatic flow:

* Dry brushing your skin
* Lymph flow exercises: cross country arms and floor angels
* Gentle mini-tramp rebounding
* Drink plenty of water

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish or are having difficulty recovering from illness or injury consider a lymphatic drainage session and try some of the above activities to help get your lymphatic flowing. Let’s support our lymphatics so we can release tension, restore balance, and improve health.