Our clients come to NBT because they are struggling with pain and they just want to feel better. Many of our clients have seen multiple doctors, tried many treatment styles (chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage), but just have not found relief. They come to NBT and we are their last hope.

As they begin treatment our clients quickly realize that healing goes beyond their treatment sessions. When they start incorporating MFR self-care and mindful awareness into their day, that is when their healing progresses more quickly and they start to feel better.

Here at NBT we empower our clients to be a part of their own healing, learning how to manage and eliminate their  pain at home between treatment sessions. NBT has options that help clients learn the important tools to incorporate successful self-treatment into their lives.

The first step is taking our Inner Awareness (IA) class taught by Linda. This is a one-on-one 60 minute session where clients learn simple self-care techniques including breath-work, body awareness, relaxation techniques, and how to use myofascial tools. Each participant will receive a FREE 4″ ball to help them incorporate treatment at home. It is recommended that our clients take the IA class within their first 3-4 sessions at NBT.

After completion of the IA class, client are taught more specific techniques in their individualized treatment sessions. Clients also have the option to attend our MFRevive class. This class integrates myofascial release, unwinding, along with breath and mind-body awareness while in Yin/restorative yoga poses. Space is limited in our MFRevive class and reservation is required.

Learning appropriate self-care will help you, our client, achieve the results that you are striving to achieve. Are you ready to go beyond your treatments? Click here for more information.