Meet Amy, our fearless and funky leader, who made her dream a reality and brought NBT to life in 2003. She’s never met a challenge she didn’t face head-on, from motorcycling 1,000 miles in a single day to teaching herself the art of scrapbooking. Always on the lookout for new adventures, she’s explored North America by motorcycle, bicycle, kayak, zipline, snowshoe, dogsled, and even houseboat! This sense of fun and curiosity carries into the kitchen, where Amy’s wealth of pescetarian recipes and Instant Pot wizardry have yielded some delicious creations. And while she likes to set a calm and relaxing vibe in the clinic during business hours, it’s not uncommon to find her there before sunrise, rocking out to Motown classics while she gets ready for the day’s sessions.

Along with an infectious playful streak and her unstoppable drive, Amy has a compassionate heart that extends to more than just humans. She is a passionate animal lover and along with her husband volunteers to foster dogs with a local rescue organization. She’s at her happiest while in nature, from camping in the wilds of Canada to just swinging in her hammock watching the turkeys in her yard. She finds her purpose in offering healing – to animals and to her human clients – when other solutions haven’t been successful. “NBT is known to be a clinic of last resort for many of our clients,” she says. “Clients find us after they have tried everything and are losing hope that they will ever get better.”

For clients and therapists alike, Amy is an example of what can happen when hard work, creativity, and kindness come together. She puts people first and keeps the wellness and happiness of others at the center of her practice. Amy is proud of the team of therapists she’s assembled who share her vision and offer the best possible care to patients. Natural Balance Therapy works every day to be a place of hope and healing, and under Amy’s leadership, that’s exactly what people find here.

• Chronic myofascial pain
• Back & neck pain
• Fibromyalgia treatment
• Digestive health issues
• Women’s health (pelvic organ prolapse, menstrual related issues, incontinence)
• Breast health (wellness, pre- and post-surgery)
• Home exercise programs