Who is NBT’s first point of contact and Amy’s office savior? That would be Jane, our administrative wizard! As a former client of Amy’s, Jane knows NBT inside and out and brings a wealth of knowledge, organization, and understanding to clients and therapists alike. She works with Amy to keep the clinic running smoothly from day to day and has collaborated on major projects like launching the new website, transitioning between office software programs, and moving into the new clinic four years ago. But her favorite part of the job is getting to know each client’s goals and experiences and matching them with the therapist that fits them best. Her ever-present kindness and willingness to help make a tremendous difference for everyone who comes through our doors.

In keeping with her big heart and caring spirit, Jane is happiest when she’s spending time with her family. She’s traveled all over the country – even abroad! – to support her two kids in their schooling and careers, she loves spending weekends gardening and biking with her husband, and she frequently joins her 94-year-old dad for lunch and crossword puzzles on her days off. She is passionate about travel and the performing arts, and her favorite place to enjoy both is New York City, where past highlights include dancing onstage with the cast of Hair on Broadway and seeing the original cast of Hamilton…twice! Here in Wisconsin, Jane and her husband are regular theatregoers and ticketholders for the Milwaukee Pops concerts. But, she says, she’s as comfortable at a rock concert as she is at the symphony!

Jane cares deeply about the clients at NBT and is always happy when people find success here. She is a team player, a great listener, and always eager to meet new people. She and Amy have forged a strong partnership that keeps NBT a place of welcome, healing, and empowerment. We’re so grateful to have her on our team!