Meet NBT’s Resident Lifelong Learner and knitting queen…Kristin! A true Renaissance woman, Kristin is an expert-level MFR therapist and lymphatic drainage specialist whose gentle approach is appreciated by our patients with chronic pain conditions. She loves collaborating with clients and watching them have “Aha!” moments in their sessions. A voracious learner, Kristin loves listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, and reading (often with her cat, Gandalf). But she also likes staying active: after a random Facebook ad prompted her to sign up for a 5K, the running habit stuck, and she completed fourteen live 5Ks in 2018! When asked about her favorite runs, she says: “The ones that include craft beer after the finish!”

Kristin also enjoys knitting and traveling – especially to England, her “happy place” – and her tip for knitters is to buy yarn whenever you travel. “That way you can enjoy memories from your trip while you’re knitting and every time you wear it afterwards,” she suggests. “Plus it’s easy to pack because it’s squishable!”

Always looking to learn new things, Kristin adds more tools into her MFR toolbox by attending seminars and bringing back knowledge to share with clients. She’s also had additional training that helps patients with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and post-dental discomfort. Like so many of our patients, Kristin is a big fan of football (including the Packers, when it’s not too stressful to watch!), and she wants new clients to know that MFR, like football, is about teamwork. “It’s not just me treating
the client; it’s both of us working as a team to help them feel better,” she says. “We’re in this together!”

• Treatment for chronic pain
• Sinus issues
• Chronic headaches
• TMJ, pre- and post-dental procedures (crowns, root canals, etc.)
• Natural Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment
• Chronic Lyme Disease